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Hungry Minds has a mission to bring civil conversation on topics that our community cares about and provide a place of learning through that conversation.

If you feel moved to support us, then we have set up several options for you.

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If you are a fan of KW Hungry Minds and want to support it on an ongoing basis then please consider a monthly contribution level through Paypal.

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If you're a Patreon user, then you can also use that platform to set up your monthly contribution to our cause. 

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If you want to give to Hungry Minds through e-transfer then you can use the email give@kwhungryminds.ca in the Interact system. You can also use the donate button below to send an amount through Paypal.

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 Email info@kwhungryminds.ca about how you can give by mail or in person.


"There is no power for change greater than a community discovering what it cares about."
Margaret J. Wheatley, author

Therapy Session
Shaking Hands

"We owe to one another all the wit and good humour we can command; and nothing so clears our mental vistas as sympathetic and intelligent conversation."
Agnes Repplier, essayist