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Support Us

You have what it takes!

There are so many ways to support the work of KW Hungry Minds.

You can come out to our events. You can submit to our Check This Out! page. You can volunteer to lead a small group discussion. 

You can also opt to join the awesome group of people who give financially to help maintain and grow the KW Hungry Minds dream.


The heart and soul of KW Hungry Minds are the beautiful people who come to events and share their curiosity. You can support us coming out to one of our events. There's lots of variety so you can always find something that you are in to or challenge yourself with something new.

You may also wish to host and/or facilitate an event. You can volunteer lead your own small group discussion group or organise other events for the KW Hungry Minds members to enjoy or just open a space you have where we can gather together. Please use the Contact Us page to see about setting this up.

Please participate, if you can.

Have you heard or read or seen something that you want to share with the people in your community? Do you have something on your mind that you want to get out there for others to think about? Do you have a top ten list of something you are passionate about?

Then it's time for you to submit!

Submissions don't have to be long - it can just be the thing you want people to know about with the simple request to Check This Out!

Feel free to write a short review or thought piece as well - tell us what sparked your curiosity.

Please submit, if you can.

Do you believe in the need for civil conversation or have a passion for learning new things? Have you benefitted from us being there for you and want to make sure we keep being there for everyone in the community? Do you want to see the group grow to become something even greater?

Then it's time for you to give!

While this is a labour of love, it takes lots of time, effort, and cold hard cash just to keep going at its current level. We also have a dream of setting up events that would reach an even wider audience and eventually acquiring a permanent physical meeting and sharing space in our community. 

Please give, if you can.

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