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Meet Joy!

I'd like to introduce you to Joy, the new KW Hungry Minds mascot. Joy is all about providing diversity, learning, growth and fun for all of our members. Joy will be used at our events to help welcome you and let you know that you have certainly found the place where you belong.

As a side note, when we were crowd sourcing various options for our mascot's name one person in their early 20s said that she loved the look of Joy but didn't like the name. When asked what she would suggest for a better name, she cocked her head to the side, said 'Revenge' and then nodded and walked away. Tickled by this, we've decided that Joy's full name can be The Revenge of Joyful Living but we'll keep it as Joy for short. As a member, you can decide who or what you are taking revenge against - your job, your ex, the past, the monotony, the dismal media landscape, the whole world... Whatever it may be - be sure to Find Your Joy!


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