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Check Out: The Murderbot Diaries

This series has won prestigious awards and was on bestseller lists, and yet somehow I didn't hear of it until the 3rd book came out. And now that the main arc is completed with book six (Apr 2021), I hope it doesn't disappear from book radar screens. This is character driven sci-fi from a point of view not often seen - a semi autonomous, half organic Security Robot. The main character is armoured and armed to the teeth, physically enhanced and willing to kill. But also loyal, shy, intelligent, and loves a good soap opera. The supporting characters, especially Dr. Mensah, are real people with their own strengths and struggles, and round out the stories well. The first few instalments are novella sized, and I think this is one of the strengths of the series. It doesn't get bogged down in a long arc, you don't get the back story of every character, rather it feels more like what happens in real life - you learn about people as you get to know them, boring stuff is more common than adventures, and life is lived. The last book Fugitive Telemetry is a proper sized novel as there is more thread and arcs to cover. Reading Order: All Systems Red Artificial Condition Rogue Protocol Exit Strategy Network Effect Fugitive Telemetry


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