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Check Out: Reacher - Conan for a new generation

The Reacher series is a delightful form of Male Escapism - the hero is big, strong, really smart, eats whatever he wants and is a "Good Man". He rights wrongs, fights for the little guy and don't need no one telling him what to do. And he pulls - in every book.

Reacher is a modern day Conan, without the horror influence. The series 26 books long and going strong, so you won't have to worry about waiting for the next book to get your fix (#27 is due Oct 2022). If reading time is in short supply or you need something for your eye balls, there are 2 movies and a TV series. The movies are alright with some excellent fight choreography and snappy dialogue, but for me Tom Cruise just doesn't have the smouldering stare, the gravitational presence of a large, muscular man. The TV series on the other hand, is pitch perfect. Based on the first book by Lee Child (1997), The Killing Floor, the Amazon Prime series does an excellent job bringing the book to the small screen, changing in just the right ways to keep the flavour and tone, but adapt it for TV today. If you are looking for the male version of Harlequin Romance, go get some Jack Reacher.


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