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Check Out: Paprika - The App, although the spice is pretty good too

I have used the recipe and grocery manager app Paprika for years and years and recommended it to so many people. It is the most useful app I've ever come across.

So the best thing about the app is adding and organising recipes. It has a browser built right into it so if you find something online that you like, then you just pop it into the browser and click on the download button. The app will find the ingredients list, the directions, the prep and cooking time, the number of servings, the nutritional info, special notes and any other data that might be there and organise it all into a readable recipe for you to use. Best of all, it gets rid of all the life story blah blah blah stuff all at the beginning and just gets you that recipe. If there's some important details about why certain cooking techniques are used that are not put in there, you can either highlight it and quickly pop it into the notes or just know that the recipe will always have the original link up at the top for you to go back to if you want to read over those details again. Of course, you can always add your own recipes into the app with as much detail as you would like. Once it's in there the phone version has tabs that show you your ingredients and another tab that shows you your directions and notes (see bottom photos on photo collage). The tablet or desktop version will show you your whole recipe with ingredients and instructions on the same page.

Once you have the recipe all set, you have some options up on the top to add it to your meal plan (my meal plan for this week is in the top left of the photo collage) and there's also an option to add the various ingredients to your grocery list, unchecking anything you don't need. I have several different types of grocery lists because I go to the Kitchener market, to the grocery store, to the bakery, ect. and this app lets you put the things you need in any list you've created. My whole family (5 adults in the house right now) have their own versions of the app and they add things they see we need or things that they want to the lists all the time. You can even keep a pantry list of things you have in the house so you can check it when you're out and about to see if you need to pick something up.

There is a cost for this app - in Canada, more than $5 for the app and more than $20 for the desktop version - desktop version pic is the dark one on the photo collage. But from what I can tell, it's got unlimited storage and syncs beautifully between all the devices that are signed in to the same account, although each person in my family needed to have their own purchased app on their phone. I've had it for about 10 years now and had no problems with transferring the app permissions to new phones, tablets and laptops when I've had to. So if you are a home cooking foodie or just a regular human who has to cook to sustain life and crave some easy organisation - check this app out!


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