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Check Out: Lizzo's Watch Out For The Big Grrrls

Okay - stay with me on this one. I know you might be wondering if I've gone off my rocker with this one - doesn't really seem my typical recommend of things that will make you think.

But this show has altered my mind since I saw it and I think it just might yours, if you give it a shot.

Let me start with saying that I don't usually do the binge watch thing - at night I do one episode of one of the shows I have on the go and then I opt for reading. However, I tuned into this show on a Saturday night to check it out and there went a chunk of my (thankfully rainy) Sunday to watch the rest. This is much more than a reality competition show looking for backup dancers for Lizzo, it digs into issues of self-acceptance, mental health, and harmful cultural messages in a unique and moving way.

I watched it a little more than a month ago and some of the messages I came away with still regularly play in my mind. And the performance to the song Naked along with that whole episode was simply inspiring. So check it out and let me know if you do - would love to chat about it.


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