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Check Out: Life In A Barrel by Radiolab

I've been a fan of Radiolab for years and recently I've been finding that they have gone back to their roots are are putting up some really great shows. It's been about a month since I listened to the episode "Life In A Barrel" but it has stuck with me and come up in several of my chats with friends.

Starting off with an experiment that throws wide open the typical view we have of the way that evolution happens, the show moves to a great lesson on the theories of Stephen Jay Gould - something I had learned a little bit about before but I now want to dig even deeper into. Then it wraps up with a look at the idea of primordial soup (or is it ooze?) and the building blocks of life. It does an awesome job challenging the basic story about how life comes to be and how change is produced. And it has some fun playing around with music that has the awesome Lulu Miller saying "And the song is not the Circle of Life. It’s The Giant Abyss of No Promises Vortex of Life."


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