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Check Out: Come Down by Peter Katz

I know, we've had a post about a Peter Katz song already on Check This Out! but I don't really care. This is what I'm excited about right now and this is what I want to share. Yesterday I went to Peter's website to see if he's touring at all again and I came across the video to this song. I have since played it many, many times. I'm not going to tell you what I take away from it, I think you should hear whatever you need to hear:

And I'm going to throw a double share on you. I went over to Peter's Facebook page to see some of his latest posts and I came across this lengthy write up by him. And I heart it too. I think it is something you might need to hear too. The rest of this post is by Peter Katz.

Hi. I’m not exactly sure who I’m speaking to, but I guess I’m speaking to the ‘you’ who is reading this. I’m not picturing you as maybe I once did (A fan? A follower? A friend? A curious onlooker? Someone I was trying to influence in some way?). I’m not really picturing you at all yet. I’m just trying to express something. And as far as why I would publicly share this thing I’m trying to express…? Good question. I’m a social being? I need to be validated and see how many likes, shares or comments it gets? I think it might be helpful for someone? All of the above?

I’ll reflect on that.

Or maybe it will just become clear by the time I get to the end of whatever it is I’m about to write.

Whatever my motivation, I can sense that I want to express something. And that is… I don’t know what to say anymore. I feel like I used to have opinions to share, or things to say, but I just don’t give them as much weight as I used to, and I don’t really know that there’s a healthy place “out there” to talk about them anyways. I feel like when I’m standing talking to a human in front of me, I see their heart, they hopefully see mine, we can talk, we can pause, we can feel the space, the weather, the presence of each other. (I guess I have felt many elements of that in some meaningful and intentional virtual connections too). But, out “here”, in the land of the scroll, I feel like the world has gone completely mad. Every headline is bait for my lizard brain, everything is reactive, everyone is angry, offended, opinionated, right, left, pro, anti, right, wrong.

I don’t know how to operate in that realm anymore. I don’t. It just hurts me. It hurts my spirit, it stops me from being inspired, creating art, it makes me want to numb. And I do. It’s like I’m looking at a car crash, and I feel nothing. Maybe my loved ones were in that car, and I still feel nothing. I just can’t take it all in. The division, the politics, the anger. Is that really what’s happening? Or if we all just put our phones away, turned off all the screens, and then took some very intentional breaths in each other’s presence, would something change?

Is that just me dreaming, or are we actually forever changed after everything that has happened?

What does your heart tell you if you pause for a moment? Maybe actually do that. Stop for a second. Put your hand on your heart. Relax your shoulders. Close your eyes. Take 3 long, even inhales and exhales.

(Stop reading this and do it. I’ll do it too).

(Okay now you can come back if you want. Or if you want to just keep breathing then please go ahead, enjoy it).

What did you notice? Did you feel any sensations in your body? Any tension? Did you feel sad for the world? Did you feel ok? Did you have that little moment of “Oh yeah, I’m just a human in here, having all these thoughts bouncing around, but nothing is actually happening in this moment other than my busy brain?” I kind of had that experience. There was some sadness too. Also some calm, I appreciated those breaths.

If you’re still reading this, then you’re a patient person, or a curious one at least. And if you’re still reading this, I’d like to take a shot at saying something that might actually cut through the clutter and land in your heart. (That would be nice if that happened at least).

Here’s what I want to say:

Hi. I feel you. I’m quite disoriented by all this too. And…you know what’s true? Most people out there are pretty good people. In fact, almost every single one of them is. They’re all trying their best. You’re trying your best too. And just cause we’re all trying our best, doesn’t mean anyone gets a hall-pass, but, good to keep in mind. And good to keep in mind that our natural state, the place where our bodies are most healthy, where our organs are working the best, our hearts are beating at just the right speed, our breath is processing the most oxygen, our blood is absorbing the most nutrients, our stress levels are just as they should be… is when we’re in a place of connection to ourselves and to each other. Our most natural state, our truest self, is love. That’s who we really are. We are not hate, greed, anger, outrage… those are just reactions. Love is who we are. Go look at any baby. What do you see? Also notice any other person in the room looking at that baby. See it in your mind’s eye right now. What do you see? You see love. You see where we began. You see the clean slate of who we are. That’s still you. That’s still me. That’s still everyone. We just forgot.

And if you’re still reading this, then I’d like you to know that I’m actually thinking of you now. I’m picturing your eyes, your heart, your breath. And I’m grateful to feel connected to you, knowing that something inside of you wanted to keep reading. I wanted to keep writing, so really, we’ve arrived here at this moment together.

You are ok. You are enough. You are a beautiful soul. You have a beautiful heart. You are worthy of so much love. Your life is valuable. You matter. People love you. I love you.

All, simply because you exist. Just like that baby.

Keep breathing. Keep pausing. Keep loving. Love Peter


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