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Check Out: Canadi-Anna-not the cute girl you told your friends you met during summer vacation in PEI

If you are not part of the YouTube generation, you may occasionally think back to those TV shorts on Canadian networks (made to fill Canadian content regulations) and miss the interesting trivia regarding this country. If you are a Internet child then you'll be used to semi-professional videos with various level of production quality (in this case, pretty good), and might be curious about interesting trivia regarding this country. Let me introduce you to Canadiana:

When I consider what I was taught about Canadian history, I recall dates, and events of dates and "big names" who did "important stuff", and there is some of this on the channel, such as "Victoria's Forbidden City"

But this channel also covers not so big names that did amazing/crazy things such as The Invincible Martha Black.

Another intriguing aspect of the channel is how Canada (as colony, as a country) was involved in the "important stuff" that happened in other places (often across the Atlantic). I used to consider globalization to be a modern thing, but it isn't.

And this is clear in videos such The Toronto Forest That Brought Down Napoleon. I like the 12-18 min length (great company during lunch hour), but if something shorter is needed (bathroom breaks?), there are shorter ones, such as: The Brothel Behind The Trump Fortune and Camels Come From Canada.

And note that it is not just the videos, the comments also have lots of additional commentary about the time period or specific event. CANADIANA is an award-winning documentary web series that follows host Adam Bunch as he makes his way across the country in search of the most incredible tales in Canadian history. From Halifax Harbour to Vancouver Island, from major cities to secluded towns, Adam digs up the mind-blowing true stories that contribute to Canada's unique identity.


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